We are proud to join Team Razer, world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers

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Today KRC Genk announces a partnership with Razer, world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers. The first time Team Razer signing in the Benelux region, the partnership is an example of Razer’s continuing support for esports across the globe. With achieving notable successes since our creation in early 2020, combining Razer’s high-end esports equipment and knowledge with KRC Genk’s extensive expertise in physical and mental competitive training will create a formidable esports team set for success on the global stage.

Based on a 3-year contract, running until end of 2024, the partnership includes exclusive use of Razer esports gear in training sessions as well as in competitive matches. KRC Genk esports players will also benefit from Razer’s recently announced Esports Wellness campaign, allowing them access to a variety of tools and mental health coaches to maximize their performance and wellbeing.

“The KRC Genk partnership is really exciting for everyone involved and esports as a whole, as we now have another traditional sports club embracing the world of esports,” said Yann Salsedo, Head of Esports (EMEA) at Razer. “Bringing together one of the most successful clubs from traditional sports in Belgium and the biggest brand in esports, the KRC Genk and Razer partnership will demonstrate how closely traditional sports and esports are connected. Together we will take esports to new heights by combining our high-performance esports gear with the KRC’s well developed expertise in traditional sports, taking their players to new levels of performance and success.”

Exclusive use of Razer esports gear

Since creating the KRC Genk Esports team, KRC Genk has continuously expanded into new games, hiring new pro players, and founding new teams to maximize their success and spread. The partnership with Razer includes exclusivity on Razer peripherals, audio, console products, systems, broadcasting, and chairs. KRC Genk will also be a part of the research and development process for new esports gear. The valuable feedback from KRC Genk esports athletes will improve Razer’s product development and bring esports gear to a new level.

The partnership is great news for KRC Genk fans as well, as officially licensed KRC Genk designs will launch on the Razer Customs page later this year. Through Razer Customs, fans of movies, games and esports teams can buy new Razer peripherals and then personalize them with designs, images, stickers, and even their own gamer-tag, creating a unique, personal piece of gaming hardware. KRC Genk fans will be able to pick from a range of KRC Genk logos and images, add their gamer tag, background pattern, sticker designs and other modifications, to show their support with their own stand out, one-of-a-kind creation.

Leveling Up with Razer’s Wellness Program

In addition to the exclusive peripheral sponsorship, KRC Genk Esports will participate in “Champions Start from Within” Wellness Program, which Razer recently announced to as a an industry-leading program focusing on peak esports performance and wellness. The program provides professional and emerging esports athletes with a one-stop resource to manage their physical and mental welfare, helping them mange the rigors of professional competitive play. With a focus on four key verticals – physical activity, mental health, sleep, and nutrition, Razer has brought together esports wellness experts, professional athletes, thought leaders and leading esports teams to support this program.

“Mental and physical welfare are key to perform at the highest levels in traditional sports. And this plays a big part in esports as well. WithRazer’s health and wellness campaign we see big symbiosis,” said Bram Bartels, Head of Esports at KRC Genk Esports. “It’s a win-win-situation: With the help of Razer, we will arm our esports players with all the tools and resources they need to take care of themselves, so they’ll always be at their best when taking on the competition, while our esports players will bring valuable feedback into the development of new Razer esports gear.”

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